Gol de Letra Foundation

Gol de Letra Foundation is a Brazilian Non-profit Organization that acts on the suburbs of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Within 13 years of activity, this institution developed programs and projects that are now assisting 1300 children and young persons, focusing on a new way of learning that embraces knowledge, culture and citizenship.

Established by the famous Brazilian soccer players Raí and Leonardo, the Gol de Letra Foundation is acknowledged by UNESCO as a world model to assist  children and adolescents in an environment with social risks.

The Institution approaches social themes using Arts, Culture, Education and Sports. This strategy, set by many projects and actions that started to be developed in 1998, is one of the core elements that led us to obtain satisfactory outcomes and surpass complex challenges.

The Social Area is a key component to our success, as one of our specific goals is to link the several social actors (families, schools and institutions connected to the local communities) and make them form a partnership with us.

Contribute to the educational development of children and teenagers in order they can act with autonomy to change their realities.

Being acknowledged as an organization that develops and disseminates practices which contribute to social changing.

Dignity - Fraternity - Perseverance –Solidarity


Main Programs and Projects

São Paulo - Vila Albertina
Gol de Letra Foundation’s head office in São Paulo is situated in Vila Albertina, a district on the skirts of Serra da Cantareira, in Tremembé, in the City’s northern region. The Foundation is located there since 1999.

A research done in 2007 by Seade Foundation’s volunteers about the profile of the residents in Gol de Letra Foundation’s region indicated a total of 24,537 inhabitants. By that time, the quantity of residences benefited by the Foundation totalized 5,754 homes, most of them being precarious houses and some were built on private terrains over the ‘70s.

The region has a very high rate of vulnerability, as it concentrates young families, with small children and parents with low income and poor educational level.

Programs and Projects – São Paulo
Changing the Game (Virando o Jogo)

A full education program is held during the period that the students aren’t at their regular school with activities targeted to develop oral, writing, body and cultural expression for 240 children and teenagers. The program’s educators also instruct 12 young in order to become monitors of the general activities and 20 young to become mediators and monitors of reading stimulation and learning by playing, which are performed in the library and in the playroom.

Youth Program (Programa de Jovens)
A total of 194 young people and teenagers are benefited from artistic and communication activities, as well as from the exercise of citizenship which stimulates and develops skills that foster their social mobilization, personal development, and leadership skills, required to become active agents of their communities. It also educates 2 young persons to perform as monitors.

Open Game (Jogo Aberto)
It represents the opportunity to practice sports and develop social abilities, which is offered  to 450 children and teenagers.It also includes the education of 16 young monitors, via the program entitled “educators”. This program also includes leisure activities in the evenings and weekends,  besides establishing a partnership with public education institutions.

Social Area – Attention given to the Family and the Community
Domicile visits, social care, cases reported to specialists, educational actions, development of social network, and education provided to 12 social agents.


Caju – Rio de Janeiro
Since 2006, Gol de Letra Foundation’s activities in Rio de Janeiro are concentrated in Caju District. This popular district is situated in a degraded port area, formed by eight communities, and the total population corresponds to 30.000 inhabitants.

Caju’s population belongs mostly to the C and D social brackets, and is exposed to risk factors such as gun violence and lack of structure in relation to public services (health care, education and social assistance in the area). The social rates point out a set of communities with very low level of education and with high unemployment rate, as 42% of the economically active population is unemployed.

Caju takes the 111th position in the Human Development ranking of 126 districts in Rio de Janeiro. There are some schools, but, there is lack of sites dedicated to sports practicing and to cultural or educational activities. Gol de Letra Foundation wants to fulfill this gap, promoting a complete education to children, teenagers and young people, via the contact with sports, cultural, educational and entertainment activities, leading to the development of social skills and contributing to a vigorous community formed by stronger families.


Programs and Projects - Caju

Two Moves (Dois Toques)
A total of 210 children and teenagers have the opportunity to practice of sports and develop social abilities. The program also educates 6  young monitors via the program entitled “ educators”. The program´s participants perform sports, leisure, reading, writing and computing activities three times a week.

Goal of Work (Gol de Trabalho)
The main action of this project is the young people’s placement in the professional market. It is focused on developing the personal skills of the 120 young people with age from 17 to 30 years, to face the challenge of the first job. The project works with two main areas of labor hiring in the country – Administration and Costumer Care/Sales/Telemarketing. 

Goal of Culture (Gol de Cultura)
The project offers weekly classes to 80 children and young people, from 7 to15 years of age, in the preservation of Brazilian culture. The Foundation provides weekly classes in music, dance and drumming beats to expand the knowledge and practice circles.

Social Area – Attention given to the Family and the Community
Domicile visits, social care, report of cases to specialists, and educational actions.


Fundação Gol de Letra

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