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Gol de Letra develops projects that aim to promote the integral education of children, adolescents, young people and adults through sports, culture and training for work.

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Learn about Gol de Letra Foundation from those that take part in it: Our children, teenagers, young people, partners, district residents, collaborators, volunteers.

“I was a Gol de Letra Foundation fan and had the opportunity to hear, from Vila Albertina´s grateful residents, about the transformation generated in the community´s life. I am happy to help via my Ruella´s bistros, doing the donation of Nota Fiscal Paulista (Tax Invoice for Sales to Consumer). My collaborators and clients collect the Nota Fiscal in other places and also donate it to Gol de Letra. Helping people is a gift to the helper´s soul!”

Danielle Dahoui, owner of Bistrôs Ruella, partner of Nota Fiscal Paulista Donation Campaign

“The most rewarding part of my work in Gol de Letra is being aware that I am contributing to improve the life quality of thousands of persons. The EDUCATION flag, which I consider the only avenue to transformation, is daily raised at Gol de Letra Foundation. It makes my eyes shine and give me the required strength to carry on with the battle!”

Beatriz Pantaleão, Executive Director of Fundação Gol de Letra

“The Social Agents´ project gave me access to lots of Information, and now I can pass this knowledge to my Family and friends, doing the link between the Foundation and the District. This is very important for Vila Albertina´s progress”

Camila Silva, resident of Vila Albertina (SP) and former social agent of Gol de Letra Foundation

“Gol de Letra Foundation is very important to me. It gives me the opportunity to do tours and travels, for instance, last year I travelled to Petropolis, where I met some people and made new friends.”

Petronio da Silva Ferreira Filho, student of Open Game Project, Caju (RJ)

“In the Foundation I learned things, I grew up, I flew to other places, and then I came back, to do everything again, with much love.”

Mallena Sales, resident of Vila Albertina (SP), former participant of Youth Program, presently working in workshops of the “Sexuality in Action” Project.

“It is inevitable: you take part in people´s life to improve the kids´ life and consequently, you grow with them.”

Mauricio Amatto, Sports educator, Gol de Letra Foundation, SP

“Eight years ago I was invited to give classes to young people in this wonderful environment; by using Education as a social transformation tool, I gladly contribute to make it happen. That was the best invitation I ever received!”

Estevão Neto – Youth and Opportunity Project (RJ)

“I wanted to be part of the construction of a fairer country. I want to start a real project. The lack of justice in Brazil is not only related to bad income distribution, it is caused by the lack of balance in terms of education, opportunity and development. The Foundation started with the “Changing the Game” Project, assisting 100 children and teenagers; nowadays we assist more than 2.900 of them each year, in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Keeping these children busy with a good occupation and preparing them for the future is one of our objectives.”

Raí Oliveira,Co-Founder and President of Gol de Letra Foundation´s Advisory Board

“I started with Gol de Letra four years ago, and I believe that what makes me carry on with this work and believe in it, is the certainty that our goal is the social transformation of people that come to this Foundation. As a Pedagogue I strongly believe that the biggest resource to fight against the present unequal society is Education”

Elisiane Vieira, Educator – Carlos Ghosn Communitary Library (RJ)

“I like being with the Gol de Letra´s people. It´s good for my health, the doctor had already advised me that I should practice some physical activity. I can bring my family here, it is very close to my place. I invited my sister and two friends to take part in it, too. I love this Project, and I am very thankful for the opportunity”

Esmel Olveira, resident of Vila Albertina (SP) and a participant of Gym for Adults Project

“In the past I kept my head down and did not look at anybody in the streets. Now I keep my head up, because I was able to win”

Patrícia Carvalho, resident of Vila Albertina (SP) and former social agent of Gol de Letra Foundation

“By taking part in Fundação Gol de Letra as a translator and interpreter I am, besides interpreting the steps taken to jointly build a better Brazil, I am translating the results of the effort of all the adults and young people involved in this successful construction”

Candy Petean, Interpreter and translator, Volunteer of Gol de Letra Foundation

“The Project developed by Nissan with Gol de Letra gave me the opportunity to meet its people and know about its work. I soon realized that the work of excellence rendered to the community is based on energy, dedication and commitment from the Foundation´s part. The employees are always smiling and available to help and work hard. Consequently, the environment is full of positive energy; that is certainly the key to Gol de Letra´s success!”

Nissan’s Analyst of Governmental Affairs

“I learned about Gol de Letra and became impressed by its work, which, with the commitment and genuine interest, give assistance to the young people and their families, complementing their basic education. I am a teacher and I met some young people that took part in the Foundation´s project. It is very rewarding to know that my small contribution is being somehow helpful in their journey.”

Jaime Caetano de Almeida, teacher. Associate and Donator since 2010.

“I remember when I was 11, walking down the hill in Vila Albertina early morning, using my Gol de Letra´s uniform and wanting to take part in every sports activities. Now I´m 23 and walk down the hill wanting to do my best for Vila Albertina. When I walk back home in the evening I think that I am doing my best to have a better life, as Gol de Letra constantly changes my life. Here I became aware of who I am, what I can be and what I want to be. I learned to struggle for my dreams and I am very proud in saying that Gol de Letra made me the person I am.”

Victor Prudêncio, resident of Vila Albertina (SP), ex-participant, and presently Communication Assistant in Gol de Letra Foundation

“I spent my childhood in simple places, football was played in a dirty field, now we have a beautiful court…. I believe that the regard, the attitude, the first step and the great deed done by Raí transformed hundreds of young people, leading them to the positive side of life. I would say that no matter where you grow up or live, if you have a good opportunity, go ahead with your dream, and believe in your full potential. Transforming people that did not expect having a better life is certainly believing that there is a chance to transform the world. I am really thankful for it”

Ed Silva, resident of Vila Albertina (SP)

“There are several ways to help people, and when we can support initiatives in a structed and transparent way, we feel comfortable to keep a “partnership” with these institutions. That is the case of Gol de Letra Foundation. It is the way I found to help people and I am sure that every donated cent is really spent in good actions.”

Denis Escudeiro Pereira, Associated and donator since 2003

“Work at Gol de Letra Foundation is very rewarding! We want to work seriously in order to put into practice the actions and plans that make other people happy, living a better life!”

Crislaine Lima, coordinator of Social and Pedagogic Project, RJ

“Vila Albertina District was really abandoned. People could feel it. Having someone like Raí to start a Project generated the empowerment sensation, just like seeing that someone was thinking about us. Personally, the Foundation raised deeper feelings. I am useful, I practice what I learned; and what motivates me is being here, helping the children, the families and the community. People see us as a positive result.”

Sóstenes Brasileiro de Oliveira, General Director of Gol de Letra Foundation