Fundação Gol de Letra works with the Integral Education concept, which considers human being´s education and development, as a whole. Based on it, the Foundation develops programs and projects with activities involving:

The targeted public is chosen according to its grade of social vulnerability and risk, following the criteria of Social Assistance National Politics (PNAS 2004), which considers the focus on the family and the importance of the social assistance aspect of the actions, with the objective of developing contexts of social protection regarding families and communities.

The activities are linked to the following requirements:

Implementation in the city´s peripherical and
socially vulnerable districts:

Getting acquainted to and interact in the community´s social networks, being aware of issues related to territorial reach, diversity, life status and cultural influences.

Performing social interventions together with Public Power, without any intention to replace the State´s role, in fact, dialoguing with the different areas and exercising a cooperative work with local or inter-sectorial partners, in view of guaranteeing the citizens´ rights.

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